In 1967, one of the best cigar aficionados, Zino Davidoff has come up with a cigar etiquette, which is still valid. However, with the changing habits and variety of these rules being accepted today, the art of smoking as per Davidoff could be differently interpreted.

Let’s start with what to do before and while smoking a cigar:

  • Before lighting your cigar, toast the foot without touching the flame. Dont’s forget to rotate the cigar while toasting.
  • Remove the band after lighting the cigar. Actually, Davidoff advises to remove the band after puffing for a while, since the goma, holding both ends of the band, releases itself more easily with the heat. This way you have less chance to rip the wrapper. However today, it is also very common to hold the band until the last puff.
  • Enjoy your cigar. Cigar is not to be consumed like a cigarette. You have to enjoy the cigar and don’t rush smoking it. One puff a minute is just about right.
  • Cigar is to be held between the thumb and the index finger. You shouldn’t be holding it like a cigarette between the index and the middle finger. This once again has changed a bit in years. Now, there are various ways to hold a cigar, which also includes holding it between index and middle finger.
  • You should just let your cigar die, after you are finished. Crushing it like a cigarette in the ashtray is not acceptable. The cigar should burn out by itself.
  • Let at least 15 minutes before lighting you next cigar. This way, you can enjoy the aromas of the next cigar and you don’t count as an addict.

How about the DONT’s while you are smoking a cigar? Let’s have a look at those:

  • Don’t cut the head of your cigar with a toll, which is not intended to cut a cigar. The risk of damaging your cigar and your pleasure would be great.
  • Don’t touch the flame while lighting your cigar for the first time or during lighting after it goes out.
  • Don’t let anyone else light your cigar. Cigar smoking is a ritual and lighting it is also one of the steps of that ritual.
  • Don’t rush lighting your cigar, nor spend too much time to light it. It is not rocket science after all.
  • Don’t smoke a cigar to show off. Enjoy the aromas and the pleasures the cigar is willing to provide you with. Focus of the tranquil atmosphere it creates.
  • Don’t relight your cigar if it is shorter than 1/4th of its original length.
  • Don’t puff on your cigar while re-lighting it. Just rotate it between your index finger and thumb.
  • Don’t dip the head of your cigar into any liquid. This action ruins the original flavors of your cigar.
  • Don’t puff on your cigar to hard, as this would increase the combustion in the cigar and ruin the aromas.

Don’t stick anything into the head of your cigar to hold it, after it gets too short. If it is that short, then it should not be smoked any more.