Torcedor (or Torcedora) is a specially trained cigar roller to do hand made cigars. Habanos cigars are made “Totalmente a Mano” by tradition.

There are four categories of Torcedores and only the top level is allowed to make the most exquisite Habanos. The Torcedor craftsmanship is deeply integrated into the culture of Cuban cigars.

Main tools used by Torcedores:

  • “Tabla”: the wooden board
  • “Chaveta”: the flat-bladed cutter
  • “Casquillo”: the little disc-cutter
  • “Goma”: the natural vegetable gum
  • “Cepo”: the template to check the size of the cigar

The rest is all about skills Cuban hands poses…

 Habanos Room is collaborating with a variety of expert Cuban Torcedores. For our events we can provide Torcedores who can deliver premium quality and taste in Cuban cigars.